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Performance & Efficiency

Diesel Engines Performance Monitoring

Ships require large amounts of fuel to operate. Therefore, diesel engine performance is critical to a ship owner’s bottom line. Most marine diesel engines run on lower-quality fuels, which can cause ignition delays and incomplete combustion. CMT’s Diesel Performance Analyzers can provide early detection of worn or damaged engine components such as piston ring leakage, burnt piston crown, exhaust valve leakage, and more. It also ensures that the engine is well balanced and the injection timing is correct.

Benefits of using a Diesel Performance Analyzer

An optional feature is an acoustic emission sensor that measures fuel injection without penetrating the fuel system. This option offers enhanced engine performance by utilizing some of the latest technological innovations designed specifically for marine engines.

Reduced Fuel Consumption

Well Balanced Engine

Correct Ignition Time

Overload Protection

Enhanced Maintenance

Reduced Spare Parts

We keep top notch materials

The highest quality materials provide the highest quality products.



The CMT Peak Pressure Indicator is an easy, fast and cost effective way to maintain your diesel engines. .
It measures the maximal firing pressure and the compression pressure of two and four stroke combustion engines. It helps balancing and optimizing your engine and with that you will be able to make the most out of your engine and fuel.

By cutting the fuel for one cylinder for a short time you can easily detect any possible blow by to avoid unwanted loss of energy. Optimizing your engine cannot be easier with the help of the CMT Peak Pressure Indicator.

We have designed the new CMT Peak Pressure Indicator with the engineer on site in mind. It has been designed for easy operation and to protect its user in case of excessive cylinder pressure.
A safety glass gauge and protection by a blow out back wall are just two examples for our features to avoid  accidents during the usage.  

Every single device will be tested and calibrated according to our ISO 9001 quality standards and will be supplied with a calibration certificate proving the accuracy of the device



The PREMET® diesel indicators are known to be rugged and reliable. The newly developed PREMET® X now adds a brand new software, new sensor technology and connectivity to obtain, show, analyse and export the important pressure data of your diesel engine during operations.

This device gives you the opportunity to fine tune your engine to a higher efficiency resulting in lower costs.
Compatible with low-, medium- and high-speed engines the PREMET® X is the perfect system to optimize your fuel injections to reduce fuel consumption but also to avoid repairs and damages as part of a condition monitoring regime.

The PREMET® X, Made in Germany, is using high-quality materials and is equipped with the newest PiezoSMART sensor from Kistler Switzerland. Latest designed engines run with peak pressures up to 300 bar and high exhaust gas temperatures. The new sensor technology ensures high performance and accurate results for the complete range. The storage of calibration data inside the sensor makes it possible to easily exchange sensors without calibration of the device.

The new software allows to do an in depth analysis of your engine ensuring you will be in control of the condition of the engine without being an expert user. If your job includes responsibility for multiple vessels the Fleet Management Software will make your life much easier and for worldwide access CMT is offering a Cloud solution as well. The integrated WiFi connection increases the ease of data transfer considerably.
A WiFi network with an internet connection, which can easily be established with a standard mobile phone in the next port will allow an automated upload of the data into the cloud.

The large internal memory of the PREMET® X allows to save as many engine set ups as you like up to 40 cylinders per engine.

The integrated compensation of torsional vibrations enables ultra accurate measurements for 2-stroke engines. 4-stroke engines can be measured with an extra TDC sensor with high accuracy.

Using an acoustic emission sensor the fuel injection can be monitored with no need to tamper with the high pressure fuel lines during installation. Ignition delay and other critical timings during combustion will become visible.
CM Technologies GmbH offers a measurement evaluationservice to help you getting the most out of your CMT instrument. Also individual training courses can be arranged either at CMT, at your office or even on board.

Acoustic Emission (AE) waves are commonly defined as transient elastic waves within a material caused by the release of localized stress energy. Hence, an event source is the phenomenon which releases elastic energy into the material, which then propagates as an elastic wave.
AE events that are commonly studied among material failure processes include the extension of a fatigue crack, or fibre breakage in a composite material.
It is also related to an irreversible release of energy that can be generated from sources not involving material failure including friction, cavitation and impact. Acoustic emissions can be detected in frequency up to 100 MHz.
The Acoustic Emission Sensors is a piezoelectric sensor with built-in amplifier and signal conditioning. It is optimised to detects waves in the range of 300 to 700 KHz , which are caused by the injection of the fuel through the nozzle, exhaust gas flow through the valve, impact of the injector needle, closing and opening of the fuel pump spill.
The AE sensor is used to measure the angle at which these events occur and to detect deviations in injection timing, late burning of fuel in the cylinder, leaking injectors.
The optional Acoustic Emission (AE) Sensor can be used for the PREMET® X, PREMET® Single Sensor and PREMET® 24/7. It is not suitable for the use with the ECON Diesel Indicator.


Newly developed and part of CMT´s modern range of Premet diesel performance analysers the PREMET® M is the way to go if you are looking for an economic approach to monitor your engines without sacrificing quality and accuracy. Brand new technologies give the user an unparalleled accuracy and will ensure you are getting results you can act on. Designed by marine engineers to be used from marine engineers the PREMET® M helps balancing cylinder load, optimize injection timing and detect worn or damaged engine components and thus reducing the engine’s operating cost.

Balancing the cylinder load helps extend engine life, increases efficiency, and
reduces emissions to assist with environmental compliance.
Proper ignition timing reduces exhaust gas temperature and the rate of excess carbon build-up. Tuning the engine may reduce specific fuel oil consumption (SFOC). For each degree that the ignition is retarded SFOC increases by approximately 2%.
The PREMET® M may protect against costly downtime by implementing predictive maintenance. Major defects can be easily detected. Engine maintenance can be planned, thus saving in parts and labor by changing engine parts based on need, not on timed intervals.

The PREMET® M has a rugged housing and uses a Kistler PiezoSMART pressure sensor of latest design which is being connected to the indicator valve of the cylinder for a measurement. 4-stroke engines can be measured without pick up with high accuracy but to achieve an even higher accuracy a pick up can be used. For the measurement of 2-stroke engines a pair of pick up is available as optional extra. The integrated compensation of torsional vibrations enables an unparalleled accuracy when measuring on 2-stroke engines.

The PREMET® M is compact, easy to use and very intuitive. Data is being exported via USB and can be analyzed further with the software supplied together with the device. For personnel managing multiple vessels CMT offers a Fleet Management Software.

The non-volatile memory stores up to 18 engine records with up to 20 cylinders per engine.
The angle precision of the PREMET® M is 0.17 deg. The max. cylinder pressure the sensor can be used with is 350 bar.

CM Technologies GmbH offers a measurement evaluation service to help you getting the most out of your CMT instrument.
Also individual training courses can be arranged either at CMT, at your office or even on board.



While every PREMET® device comes including the PREMET® Viewer, there is an even more beneficial solution. The PREMET® Cloud allows an analysis from a single ship to complete fleets. Everything is stored in the cloud and can be accessed from all over the world. And the best thing? Its free to use, just register.

Management of the engines on board is nowadays crucial to reduce costs, adhere to modern maintenance requirements and to guarantee 24/7 reliable operation.

The PREMET® Cloud solution serves as exchange platform and analysing tool for your diesel performance data or your entire fleet. You can manage your fleet, trend performance data and compare data from sister engines, shop or sea trials.

Why not using one of the many other performance clouds available? Because normal fuel performance and ship performance clouds use a limited amount of data while a record of diesel performance data consists of a large array of data which are all necessary to get a conclusive analysis for the diesel engine. If needed calculated performance data can be exported to be used in other clouds.

The big advantage of the PREMET® Cloud is the instant availability of data. The ship can easily upload data. Either from a registered computer or from a PREMET® X device. The uploaded files are just a few kilobytes in size. Data is then at once available for the superintendent or any data analyst who can analyse the data immediately. All the Data is accessible from any device with internet access from anywhere in the world.


PREMET® Viewer


The PREMET® Viewer helps to analyse the combustion process more efficiently. With an import of measurement data from a PREMET® X or M you can create TDC graphs, Combustion and Decomposition Curves and p-V Diagrams to help with the condition monitoring of your engines.

The software is included in the delivery of a PREMET from the newest generation. It facilitates the evaluation of the engine condition. A variety of diagrams, bar plots and tables present the measurements incl. manually entered data in a user friendly way.

Data from older generations of PREMETs, DieselSCOPE and Diesel Indicator, DPA devices by DREW Chemicals and all BAEWERT and HLV devices by Kistler or MAN can be evaluated too. Therefore, the transition from an older diesel performance analyser is much easier and you can see trends immediately with the data of your previous devices.

The correct adjustment of the engine helps to reduce the engine’s operating costs. Cylinder-to-cylinder load balancing and the correct fuel injection settings will optimise the engine performance and minimize the specific fuel oil consumption. Another main feature of the software is the trend analysis. These trends can help to detect worn parts or incorrect adjustment and plan you repairs as well as avoid unexpected failure.

All the insights gained can be incorporated into prepared reports for better compilation and distribution so that action can be taken quickly.

PREMET® Fleet Manager


The Fleetmanager was developed for the management of entire fleets. The functions are similar to the cloud. In this way, all data from the office can be analyzed. Several ships can be compared so easily. The analysis can be carried out by one person, so that not every ship has to provide personnel for the evaluation.

Data analysis
The data analysis takes place in the usual PREMET style. All data are presented in simple, clear graphs, but also give the user the opportunity for individualization. The PREMET softwares have been developed with most of the parameters to be analyzed. In this way, the measurement data can be optimally evaluated and the user does not miss any information that could indicate problems.
As the only software on the market, the maximum pressure can be measured, the loading and unloading curve of the combustion process and the time of ignition is also calculated.

With the PREMET Fleet Manager includes ready-made reports that only need to be filled out with measurement data and effects/changes. In this way, improvements can be made quickly and everything is properly noted and comprehensible.

Data transmission
In comparison to the PREMET cloud, the data still has to be sent to the office manually. The analysis reports and related changes to the engine settings also have to be sent to the crew manually


The Electronic Combustion Analyser 24/7 Multi Sensor is the most advanced system for continuous diesel engine performance. It has been developed to use for the Main Engine only. It can monitor up to 16 cylinders and log the data permanently. The Electronic Combustion Alalyser is a comprehensive system for continuous engine performance measurement and monitoring which will provide the key knowledge for obtaining optimum and reliable engine performance. With the aid of the combustion information you will have minimum engine wear, and optimum emission and fuel consumption.

Calibration of measuring devices is very important to guarantee precise results even a long time after manufacturing. Most devices will suffer from degradation of accuracy over a longer period of time. CMT offers an inhouse calibration service or alternatively devices for the calibration of pressure and temperature measuring devices on board. They are available as standalone or in a combined kit.
The Temperature Calibrator is a true calibration with no simulation. It works with a dry heat block and no liquids are required for stabile and accurate heat measurements. Therefore, the stability of the Temperature Calibrator is as low as 0,1%. The range enables calibration of devices from 30°C – 650°C and is heated for measurements within 14 min.
The Pressure Calibrator also operates with true calibration. The device can be fine adjusted with the valve on the site. With a complete sealed system, the Pressure Calibrator can keep compressions from -0,8 to 60 bar stable.
Different adapters can be used with many different fluids to calibrate a huge variance of devices. The pressure is generated with a handpump, so no external compressor is needed. The size makes it perfect for every calibration on board and the simplicity enables the use by every crewmember.
The PM205 is a microprocessor controlled, accurate and versatile digital pressure measuring and calibration instrument with integrated fast peak-, max.- and min.- function.
The PM205 is supplied with an internal battery with 1000 hours continuous operation in MANO-Mode, guaranteed by the AUTO SWITCHOFF function.
This digital pressure gauge finds its specific utilization in marine industry, onboard ships and mobile offshore units and in general manifold industrial fields.