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Diesel Engines Performance Monitoring

Ships require substantial amounts of fuel to operate. Therefore, diesel engine performance is critical to a ship owner’s bottom line. Most marine diesel engines run on lower-quality fuels, which can cause ignition delays and incomplete combustion.

Our Diesel Performance Analyzers can detect worn or damaged engine components such as piston ring leakage, burnt piston crown, and exhaust valve leakage. It also ensures that the engine is well-balanced and has the correct injection timing.

CMT offers five different systems:

  • Peak Pressure Indicator: A tool that measures peak pressure simply and efficiently.
  • PREMET M: A device that combines modern design, affordability, and ease of use with essential features.
  • PREMET X: A device with high accuracy, a large color display, and advanced connectivity options.
  • PREMET Online Single Sensor: A device with the same functionality as PREMET X but is permanently connected and ready for measurement.
  • PREMET Online 24/7: A system that monitors the performance of the main engine continuously and detects any problems.
Modern Diesel Engine used for ships


  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Well-balanced engine
  • Correct ignition timing
  • Overload protection
  • Improved maintenance efficiency
  • Reduced spare parts purchases
  • Reduced emissions
Our Products

The CMT Peak Pressure Indicator is a simple and affordable tool to keep your diesel engines in good shape. It measures the highest and lowest pressures of both types of engines. It helps you adjust and improve your engine performance and fuel efficiency.

The PREMET® Viewer is a tool that facilitates the analysis of the combustion process. It allows the user to import measurement data from a PREMET® X or M device and generate TDC graphs, Combustion and Decomposition Curves, and p-V Diagrams. These visualizations aid in the assessment of the engine condition.

The PREMET® Viewer is included with every PREMET® device, but there is a superior alternative. The PREMET® Cloud enables the analysis of individual ships or entire fleets. All the data is stored in the cloud and can be accessed globally. Moreover, it is free to use upon registration.