Portable Incubator for all Bacterial Test
Portable Incubator for all Bacterial Test

One of the challenges of onsite testing of bacterial contamination is to ensure consistent and reliable incubation conditions in the field. Traditional incubators are often bulky, expensive, and unstable in temperature.

That’s why CMT has developed a new portable incubator that brings lab-like conditions to the field.

The CMT Digital Incubator is a small, affordable, and reliable device that provides a stable temperature environment for the incubation of bacteriological samples.

It is compatible with many CMT Marine Water Test Kits, including bacteriological analysis as part of the water quality assessment.

With the CMT Digital Incubator, you can get repeatable and accurate results for your bacteriological tests, wherever you are.

Applicable for testing of a multitude of different parameters

Your Benefits

  • Portable and therefore usable in the
    field and in the lab
  • Digitally adjustable temperature with real time display of the actual inside temperature
  • Clear viewing lid


Digital Incubator

Capacity: 3.2 l
Dimensions: 215 x 161 x 170 mm
Operating Temp.: 35°C – 45°C
Power: 100 / 240 V AC 50/60 Hz
Weight: 4 kg