Water Condition Monitoring


To ensure optimal performance, compliance with current or future legislation, and minimize risks to crew members and visitors on board, offshore facilities, and vessels have various systems that need to be monitored. To meet these requirements, an exciting new line of Marine Water Kits has been developed.

Increase Safety on board.

Minimize risk to the crew.

Marine Water

Test Kits

The systems that will require monitoring are:
• Potable Water
• Sewage Water
• Boiler & Cooling Water
• Ballast Water
• Firefighting Foam, sprinkler systems

According to the ever-changing legislation, CMT is permanently updating the range of Marine Water Test Kits to comply with the current legislation.

Water monitoring Products

Potable water is essential for our health and well-being, It is crucial to have an adequate supply of water that meets satisfactory quality standards for all types of usage.

The Chlorination Test Kit is an essential tool for ensuring that the disinfection process is completed correctly and that chlorination levels are maintained. 

Revolutionary technology that allows for the rapid detection of Legionella bacteria in marine potable water systems. 

CMT offers a rapid and straightforward drop test for the assessment of free chlorine content in the discharge of sewage treatment plants. 

It is essential that the safe exchange of ballast water is effectively monitored to ensure compliance with environmental regulations and to protect marine ecosystems.

In the marine industry, tablet count methods have been used for a long time. This process involves adding tablets to a sample of water, causing it to change color based on the number of tablets added.

The reliability of an automatic fire sprinkler is crucial. To prevent malfunction during an emergency, the water inside the system must be monitored to control corrosion and other hazards.

The Cutting Fluid Test Kits enable you to assess the critical parameters that influence the performance of your cutting fluid and to quantify and manage the microbiological contamination safely. The basic kit includes tests for cutting fluid concentration, pH, and water hardness.