Cold Corrosion Test Kit
Cold Corrosion Test Kit

Patent No. 2910933

When sulfuric acid condenses on the liner walls, it causes cold corrosion, a type of corrosion that damages the liner surface. CMT has developed a test that uses a reagent to measure the level of corrosive wear.

Corrosive iron in the cylinder oil indicates that the liner of your engine is chemically worn. Cold corrosion is the most serious in modern engine designs and earlier engine designs that have been modified for part-load or low-load operation. With this Cold Corrosion Test Kit, you will be in control; you can determine the severity of the acid corrosion of your engine.

Cold Corrosion Test Kit
Cold Corrosion Test Kit
  • You can trust our Cold Corrosion Test Kit to be quick, dependable, and easy to use.
  • In just 20 minutes, you will get results you can compare with the provided sheet.
  • The best way to control the corrosion in your engine is to test the cylinder oil for corrosive iron.


Electronic Iron II SM Test Kit
Range: 50 – 1500 ppm
Corrosive iron: 0 – 100 % of total
Abrasive iron: 0 – 100 % of total
Accuracy: +/- 20 ppm
Repeatability: 10 ppm
Test Time (ave.): 3 min. per Test
No. of initial Tests: 50
Memory: last 20 reading / cyl.
14 cylinders
Reagents: non-hazardous