Vibration Meter

Vibration Meter
Vibration Meter

The device is a new tool with an innovative design, user-friendly, and easy to operate. The tool uses a color-coded system to indicate the status of the machine or bearings and can identify the type of defect in the machine or bearings during operation, without requiring a computer or software.

The CMT Vibration Meter comes with a quality accelerometer, coiled cable, magnetic base, transit case and headphones as an optional accessory.

You can plug in the headphones and listen to the vibration signals from this device. You will appreciate its benefits when you measure transmissions or slow-running bearings.

Most devices in this affordable category can only measure the overall vibration values. But the Vibration Meter is different.

The Vibration Meter generates various measurements for each point on the machine

Unbalance, looseness
Unbalance, looseness and misalignment, lubrication and bearing damages

This screen provides a rapid diagnosis of the machine condition. It displays a summary of the unbalance, looseness, misalignment, lubrication state and bearing damage using a colour-coded system. The device automatically detects and shows the rotational speed (RPM) at the bottom of the screen. This screen is designed for users who have little or no experience in vibration analysis.

RMS Vibration levels
RMS Vibration levels

The device measures the RMS vibration level and compares it with the ISO10816-3 severity limits. The Traffic Light colour changes when the limit is exceeded. The device also measures the bearing temperature by infra-red and shows it in the Traffic Light. A RED bar indicates an overheated bearing, as seen in the figure (left side). Another screen displays the temperature in °C and °F. The device automatically detects and shows the RPM at the bottom of the screen.

Bearing fault detection
Bearing fault detection

It measures the g-ENV, which shows the bearing condition. It also shows the vibration time signal. You can see the vibration effect from the bearing fault in the time signal. This helps you know if the g-ENV increase is from the bearing fault or low lubrication.

Listening to the vibration signal from the audio output can detect bearing faults, especially for slow machines.

Vibration Spectrum (FFT)
Vibration Spectrum (FFT)

The device measures the FFT spectrum from 0 to 200 Hz and shows the three strongest peaks with the velocity in mm/s. This helps detect unbalance and looseness.

Vibration Meter

vibration meter plus

The Vibration Meter Plus is the latest product of CMT’s Vibration Meter series.

It has the same features as the standard device, plus memory and a USB connector.

You can store and transfer the data to a PC. With the new DDS software, you can also use the Vibration Meter Plus as a data collector.

vibration meter ex

The Vibration Meter Ex is an upgraded version of the Vibration Meter that can operate in hazardous environments.

It can perform all the basic vibrio diagnostic measurements, such as Overall Values, FFT Spectrum, Time signal, Frequency bands, Route measurement, and Expert system.

It also allows the user to listen to the signal with the headphones included with every unit.

The Vibration Meter Ex can communicate with the DDS software, available for free download from the website.

Vibration Meter Ex

The Vibration Meter is a portable device that can do many functions. It can measure vibration like a basic meter or an advanced FFT analyzer. It can monitor the machine’s condition and give results without a computer or laptop.

It is made for technicians, engineers, and consultants who want to check a rotating machine on-site without expensive instruments.

Anyone can use it, even without vibration knowledge. The FASIT-Mode helps to find and analyze the problem quickly. It shows the problem analysis with the Traffic Light color.


Already at the first measurement, simple pictograms show whether a lubrication problem, an unbalance, loose parts or bearing damage is present. This single meter undertakes:

  • FASIT Expert System
  • RMS Vibration Level
  • Three band spectrum
  • Time Wave Form
  • FFT spectrum


With this unique measuring device, unskilled users can perform the following additional measurements:

  • IR-Temperature
  • Stroboscope / Speed
  • Torch
  • Headphones

In addition, it incorporates a handy inspection torch.


CMT Vibration Meter
(Including one acceleration sensor)

CMT Vibration Meter PLUS
With Memory and PC software
(including one acceleration sensor)

CMT Vibration Meter Ex
With Memory and PC software
(including one acceleration sensor)

PELTOR Heavy Duty Headphone
Signal: 8 Ohm / 0.5 W

Transport Case for Vibration Meter