Insoluble Test

CMT Electronic Insoluble Test
CMT Electronic Insoluble Test

Insoluble are particles that accumulate in combustion engines as a result of the fuel burning in the engine. They consist of debris from the combustion process and oil oxidation products in the lubrication oil.

Regular monitoring of insoluble helps to prevent lacquer formation on hot surfaces,
sticking of piston rings, wear of cylinder liner, and bearing surfaces.

The detergent property of the oil will also decrease, speeding up further deterioration.
  • Detect insoluble from diesel engine combustion such as partially oxidized fuel,
carbon, fuel ash, oil oxidation products and used lubricant additives.
  • Simple and quick to use even for untrained people.
  • The insoluble tests give you actionable results, helping to maintain your engine.

Insolubles Test Kit
Insolubles Test Kit

CMT Insoluble
Spot Test Kit

The CMT Insoluble Spot Test Kit is a quick and easy way to check the quality and condition of your lubricant. You just need to put one drop of your lubricant on a special filter paper that can show you how much insoluble and how well dispersed your lubricant is. After the paper dries, you can compare it with the pictures in the manual that comes with the test.


Electronic Insoluble Test
Range: 0-2.4 Vol%
Accuracy: Typically +/-0.1 %
Test Time: < 2 minutes
No. of Tests: 30 Tests
Reagents: non hazardous
Reagent Pack: OTR-CT-12007

Insoluble Reagent Pack
No. of Tests: 30 Tests
Reagents: non hazardous

Spare Insoluble Console

Glass Vial Consumables Pack (100)

Insoluble Spot Test Kit
Range: good / poor
Test Time: one hour (unattended)
Reagent: non hazardous