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Marine Sewage Water Test Kits
Marine Sewage Water Test Kits


MARPOL Annex IV is a set of rules that aim to prevent sea pollution by sewage from ships. The rules cover the equipment and systems that ships need to have to control their sewage discharge, the facilities that ports need to have to receive the sewage, and the requirements for inspection and certification (ISPPC – International Sewage Pollution Prevention Certificate). Sewage is a health hazard and can also harm the marine life and the water quality, especially near the coast. That is why it is important to follow the rules and protect the environment.

The shipping industry cares about the environment and wants to reduce its impact on the seas. However, it also faces many challenges, such as low freight rates, new rules and regulations, and higher customer demand. Therefore, it needs to find cost-effective and efficient ways to comply with the rules and regulations.

According to Annex 22 Resolution MEPC.227(64) from 5th October 2012, ships that are not passenger ships and that have sewage treatment plants installed before 1st January 2010 need to follow resolution MEPC.2(VI) from 3rd December 1976 if they want to discharge treated sewage into the sea in MARPOL Annex IV specific areas.

These ships need to have an International Sewage Pollution Prevention Certificate (ISPPC) that is valid for 5 years and is issued after a successful inspection. To renew or pass random inspections, the ships must keep the system operating requirements in line with the effluent standards.

The CMT Marine Sewage Effluent Test Kit can help with this by providing simple and accurate testing.

Requirements from

Resolution MEPC.159(55) – Effluent & Performance Standards

  • BOD up to 25 ppm
  • COD up to 125 ppm
  • Total Suspended Solids max. 35 ppm
  • Coliforms up to 100 CFU / 100 ml
  • pH 6.0 – 8.5
  • Chlorine (Free) up to 0.5 ppm

Many tests in the market are complex and extensive. The Chief-Engineers need to be almost like chemists to perform and understand the lengthy tests.

The CMT Sewage Effluent Test Kits are easy and user-friendly.

The Budget Sewage Effluent Kit gives a simple measure of the key parameters in MARPOL Annex IV. The kit includes coliform dip slides that need an incubator for accuracy. You can buy the incubator separately if you don’t have one.

You can buy the standard range of sewage effluent kits for more precise results. These kits have a coliform plate method and an incubator. The coliform plate method gives an MPN count, which is more accurate than the coliform dip slides.

Regular testing helps you to fix any problems, if needed, quickly.

This helps you to keep the best operating conditions, reduce downtime and costs.

The CMT Marine Effluent Cabinet helps you to comply with MARPOL Annex IV.

The CMT Marine Water Test Solutions comply with:

MARPOL Annex IV: Resolution


MEPC.115 (51)

MEPC.159 (55)


Sewage Effluent Test Kit 1
Complies with MEPC 2(VI)
Commission before 2010
Coliform Bact. (12): 0 – 2424 CFU/100ml
TSS (unlimited): 5 – 500 mg/l
BOD (unlimited): 7.5 – 255 mg/l O2
Thermometer: -50 to 150°C
Digital Incubator: 25 – 45°C

Sewage Effluent Test Kit 2
Complies with MEPC 159(55)
Commission 2010 and later
Additionally to WTK-CT-80041:
COD Test (25): 0 – 300 mg/l
pH Test Strips (50): 4 – 10 pH
Free Chlorine (100): 0 – 1.0 ppm
Free Chlorine (100): 0 – 30 ppm

Sewage Effluent Test Kit 3
Complies with MEPC 159(55) & 227(64)
All Passenger Ships
Additionally to WTK-CT-80041:
COD Test (25): 0 – 1500 ppm
pH Test Strips (50): 5 – 11 pH
Free Chlorine (100): 0 – 1.0 ppm
Free Chlorine (100): 0 – 30 ppm
Total Nitrogen (25): 0.5 – 25 ppm
Total Phosphorus(25): 2 – 2.6 ppm

Budget Sewage Effluent Test Kit
Dip Slides (10) 0 – 100,000 CFU / ml
TSS (unlimited): 5 – 500 mg/l
BOD (unlimited): 7.5 – 255 mg/l O2
COD (100): 0 – 300 mg/l
pH Test Strips (50): 5 – 11 pH
Free Chlorine (100): 0 – 1.0 ppm
Free Chlorine (100): 0 – 30 ppm
Thermometer: -50 to 150°C

Reagents (Full refill of respective Test Kit)

Sewage Effluent Consumables Pack 1

Sewage Effluent Consumables Pack 2

Sewage Effluent Consumables Pack 3

Sewage Effluent Consumables Pack Budget