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Vibration Analysis

Bearing problems are the most common cause of equipment damage.

A slight misalignment or imbalance creates a load significantly more significant than expected on a bearing. Bearing lubrication is often considered insufficient. All these factors reduce bearing life. Identifying inadequate lubrication or a source of bearing damage is no big deal and is done within minutes.

A detailed analysis of the problem is essential. It turns out that engineers suspect bearing damage, but there are gear problems. Bearings are replaced now, costs are incurred without eliminating the problem. Therefore, it is essential to find the cause of the problem. Just replacing a bearing where an imbalance or misalignment is causing the problem does not solve the problem, and the bearing will fail again soon, creating more costs.

 Statistics show that insufficient bearing lubrication is the biggest cause of most bearing damage. Finding lubrication problems is simple and fast with CMT’s range of vibration monitoring products and ultrasonic devices. A single measurement of just a few seconds provides information on bearing lubrication. Avoid bearing damage and unnecessary costs without much effort.



CM Technologies GmbH complements its range of easy to use monitoring tools with the new Vibration Meter Marine. CMT´s goal is to provide the right solution for the job at hand and is proud to present the new version of their Vibration Meter specifically made for the Marine industry.

Crews of seagoing vessels are under constant stress and the crew changes in fixed intervals. Therefore to successfully use a Vibration Monitoring device onboard it must be easy and intuitive to use and offer measurement results which the crew can immediately understand and which help the crew with their task of maintaining the vessels machinery. The Vibration Meter Marine offers measuring modes put together exclusively for the Marine industry.

A powerful Expert system provides on the spot useable results without the need to send the information on shore for evaluation, even beginners can use these results right away without any training or knowledge about vibration analysis.

A lubrication mode allows monitoring and control of lubrication processes of grease lubricated machinery. This ensures proper lubrication and on the other hand spares costs and avoids damages due to over-lubrication.

Furthermore acceleration and velocity RMS values can be taken and stored and allow users a precise trending of the consition of a machine. The device offers additionally an integrated IR temperature probe, a stroboscope and flash light which are valuable tools for the day to day work.

As part of the delivery our customers get the powerful data diagnostic software for storage and evaluation of vibration and technical data. Collecting data with the integrated Route function has never been easier. The software allows trending and a deeper analysis on site or at remote locations. The software allows engineers to plan measurement routes and upload these to the device so that every crew member is able to collect the data.

With the purchase of the Vibration Meter Marine you get everything you need to start right away. Scope of delivery includes the device, acceleration sensor, software and accessories all in a small rugged case for storage in between usage. Optional high quality headphones are available for the acoustic evaluation of the bearings. Using the headphones an experienced user is able to spot problems in seconds.


The Vibration Meter is a revolutionary instrument with a completely new design! The operation of the instrument is so easy that anybody can learn to use it very quickly. The instrument uses the colours green, yellow and red to display the status. Determination of individual machine or bearings defect types is done directly during operation, without a need to use a computer or software.

CMT Vibration Meter is sold as complete set with a quality accelerometer, coiled cable, magnetic base, transit case and optional headphones. You can connect headphones to this instrument and listen to vibration signals. Do not consider this method out of date! If you measure transmissions or slow-running bearings, you will quickly understand its usefulness.

Instruments in this cost-effective category have been able to measure only total vibration values so far. But the Vibration Meter is different. For each point on the machine this device produces many different measurements.

  • > overall RMS and PEAK velocity (10 – 1.000 Hz)
  • > overall RMS and PEAK acceleration (500 – 16.000 Hz)
  • > overall RMS and PEAK displacement (1 – 200 Hz)
  • > velocity spectrum (0 – 200 Hz)
  • > acceleration time signal (bearing fault detection in 500 – 16.000 Hz band)
  • > acceleration enveloping measurement
  • > automatic machine speed detection
  • > non-contact temperature measurement
  • > displacement measurement

It is a complete machine condition monitoring system that gives results without the use of a computer or laptop. It is designed for the technician, engineer and consultant who needs to analyse a rotating machine on-site without investing and carrying expensive instruments to site. Using Vibration Meter cannot be easier!

Both experts and users without knowledge of vibration analysis can use the device immediately. For the latter has the FASIT-Mode (fault source identification tools) been introduced for simple and rapid damage analysis. It gives an immediate analysis of the problem according to the “traffic light” principle. 

Already at the first measurement simple pictograms show whether a lubrication problem, an unbalance, loose parts or a bearing damage is present.


The Vibration Meter is now also avaliable in an Ex version. All basic vibrodiagnostics measurements are available:

Overall Values RMS
velocity for a whole machinery body vibrations
Acceleration for bearing vibrations
Automatic speed detectoin

Overall Values Peak
velocity for a whole machinery body vibrations
Acceleration for bearing vibrations

FFT Spectrum
FFT analysis of vibration
3 max peaks detection

Time signal
Time waveform for a bearing shock observation
Demodulation – Envelope value

Frequency bands
3 frequency bans for highest acceleration signal detection

Overall RMS and Peakmeasurement of vibration displacement

FASIT Expert system
Automatic Detection of

  • > Unbalance
  • > Loosenes
  • > Misalignment
  • > Bearing condition

You can listen to the signal with the headphones supplied with every unit. The Vibration Meter EX comunicates with the DDS software, which you can download for free from the website.

It is additionaly ATEX certified in the classes: 

  • [II] Non-mining
  • [2] Zone 1
  • [G] Gas atmosphere
  • [Ex ib] Principle of protection: Intrinsic Safety EN 60079-11
  • [IIC] Gas group – Acetylene, Hydrogen
  • [T4] Temperature class 135°C
  • [Gb] Equipment Protection Level – Zone 1 (high protection)

The Vibration Meter Plus is a step further in the long-term history of the Vibration Meter production at CMT.

The instrument is based on the well-known Vibration Meter and allows you to perform all basic vibration diagnostics measurements such as bearing condition, lubrication assessment, and identification of mechanical faults. Most measurement techniques are processed automatically.
The special thing about the Vibration Meter Plus is the 4MB memory for data storage. Data memory allows you to perform off-route and route measurements.

The Vibration Meter Plus can be used as a data collector. Together with the newly developed data acquisition software (DDS) it becomes a really handy tool.
It has a unique expert system developed by CMT, that automatically detects machinery faults.

The key features of the Vibration Meter Plus are:

Acceleration measurement (g):

  • 500 Hz – 16 000 Hz RMS and Peak
  • Demod (Envelope) 500 Hz – 16 000 Hz RMS and Peak
  • Time Waveforms 1 – 16 000 Hz with 2048 samples
  • Demod Time Waveform 500 Hz – 16 000 Hz
  • Spectrum at 16 000 Hz with 800 lines
  • Demod Spectrum 500 Hz – 16 000 Hz with 800 lines

Velocity measurement (mm/s, ips):

  • 10 Hz – 1000 Hz RMS and Peak
  • Spectrum at 1000 Hz with 800 lines
  • Time Waveforms 10 – 1000 Hz with 2048 samples

Displacement measurement (µm, mm):

  • 2 – 100 Hz for RMS, 0-Peak, and Peak-Peak

Temperature measurement:

0 – 380°C (32 – 716°F)


The Grease Meter measures actual bearing vibration once the sensors is mounted on the bearing house. Keep pumping the grease and see the vibration value going down. Bearing is well greased once the value is not decreasing anymore. Extend your bearings lifetime as simply as this!

The instrument helps to ensure that bearings will not be under or over lubricated.
The use of the Grease Meter extends the bearings life and avoids wasting lubricant. Headphones can be connected to listen to the bearing condition. The device is simple to operate and also enables you to perform basic measurements and diagnosis of bearing condition.

Another very useful tool of the Grease Meter is its route measurement functionality. Using the software you are able to plan a route of various measurement points. When the route is set in the software it can easily be transferred to the device via its USB connection. Afterwards you just follow the list of measurement points displayed on the screen.

The instrument is supplied as a complete measurement kit including an industry standard piezoelectric sensor, magnet and coiled cable for industrial use.

The Grease Meter is designed for the maintenance of rotating machinery. 

Collect & Import

Grease Meter can measure and store two basic measurements. Acceleration in g for the bearing condition and Velocity in mm/s (or ips) for the whole machine body condition.

Collect the data with Grease Meter regularly and import them into free DDS software. Follow vibration trends and observe the actual condition of your machines.


CMT Vibration Analyser VA3Pro is a professional and robust 2 channel Vibration Analyser equipped with 2 signal inputs plus 1 tacho / trigger input to measure the speed / rpm. The second signal input offers connectivity to a triaxial sensor allowing to measure all 3 channels simultaneously.

The simple to understand expert system can automatically detect machine faults such as unbalance, looseness, misalignment or bearing faults. There is a non-contact IR temperature sensor allowing immediate bearing temperature measurement as well as a LED light which can be used as stroboscope or torch.

The Vibration Meter VA3Pro has been designed for one-handed operation. With a weight of just 780 g and a battery live time of more than 10 hours of operation, the device is suitable for long route measurement.
The Vibration Meter VA3Pro can be configured according your requirements by choosing optional modules.

Optional modules can be purchased at a later stage and downloaded to the instrument without the need of sending the unit back to our factory.


The Vibration Analyser VA5Pro is a unique instrument for machinery vibratoin diagnostics. The Vibration Analyser VA5Pro includes modules for analysing, data collecting andvibration signal recording. The instrument is enhanced by modules for dynamic balancing, measurement of run up and coast down, acousting measurement mode, monitoring and control of lubricaton process and listening to the vibration signals with the stethoscope feature. The instrument is equipped with an expert system wich automatically detects machinery faults.
The Vibration Analyser VA5Pro is designed for engeneers, technicians an d researchers dealing with machinery and structural diagnistics as well as dynamic balancing of rotating machinery.

Data processing

  • > FFT: 3.276.800 lines in real time
  • > Frequency Range up to 90 kHz
  • > 20 hours recording of 4 channels
  • > Demodulaton-, envelope analysis and Order analysis
  • > ACMT – low speed bearing analysis
  • > User defined frequency bands

Frequency response for modal analysis

Der A4400 VA5Pro enables to measure frequency response fpr modal analysis purposes.It is an attractive substitute for large systems, wich are usually used for modal analysis measurements. 

Data are exported in UFF format. They are easily imported to every modl analysis software


The instrument is enhanced by modules for dynamic balancing, measurement of run up and coast down and acoustic measurement mode. The instrument is equipped with an expert system which automatically detects machinery faults. The instrument is powered directly by USB connection so no external power is needed.

Connect the CMT Pocket Analyser to your laptop or PC and get all functions of 4 channel Vibration Analyser VA5Pro. The free download of the Virtual Unit software enables you to perform all functions of the analyzer on your computer. The pocket size 4 channel Vibration Analyzer provides the following input channels:

  • > 4 AC, ICP® (On/Off),
  • > 4 DC,
  • > 1 TACHO



It was designed to increase the reliability of strategic rotating machinery. The Vibration Monitor system can operate as an independent monitoring system or it can be used as extension of an existing protection system. The Vibration Monitor system can be also used as the multipurpose 16-channel analyzer. Each Vibration Monitor module contains 16 AC, 16 DC and 4 TACHO inputs. All channels are measured simultaneously. The measurement parameters and data processing are the same as with top-class Vibration Analyser  instrument. Single Vibration Monitor modules can be easily composed together and by this we can create widely-channels system.

The Vibration Monitor software is designed for control of collection and archiving of data. By setting program it is possible to easily configure required measurements. Software A3760 enables on-line displaying of the current values on the predefined schemes. The DDS 2011 software system is designed for the following processing and archiving of the all collected data.


The Digital Diagnostics System DDS software system represents a powerful tool for storage and evaluation of vibration and technical diagnostics data. It allows the user to connect and work with data collected by portable data collectors and on-line systems. In the full configuration, it includes all the functions necessary for data transfer, evaluation, analysis and data storage.

By using standard Windows technologies, the program operation is very simple and clear. The common database for portable and on-line is a unique feature of the DDS. Optional instrument interfaces allow the user to connect all measuring instruments to a single database system.
This feature saves your money and time. The DDS system also fully supports route measurements.

The database of the DDS system uses SQL and ODBC standards to process data. It is an open system which can receive and send information to other information systems. The DDS system fulfills all network operation requirements. Several users at the same time may work with one database.

Output reports, data communication, a fast processing of output messages or reports were among the basic requirements imposed on DDS.

DDS software allows you to make deep analysis of your vibration data. Play with Overall values, FFTs, Time waveforms, Orbits and many more. Use various cursors, zooming, display options. Switch on bearing fault frequencies from over 30000 bearings database or define your bearing. Get familiar with Adash expert system FASIT and use our special analysis features to make your live easier.


The Animated Deflection Shapes ADS Software is based on the method of operating deflection shapes. This means that we visualize the vibrations of the machine by animation. During the animation the vibration movement is slowed down to very low frequency and the amplitude of the motion is increased so we can see the vibration.

It is a combination of vibration measurement and software processing. The output of the method is vibration movement animation on one forcing frequency or on multiple forcing frequencies.

The output of the method is easily understandable for everybody.

Sometimes it is difficult to detect a machine defect from FFT or time wave patterns. To confirm or discover machine fault we can use Operating Deflections Shapes measurement method which simply visualize machine movement. Create a machine structure according to the real look of the machine in ADS software, perform necessary measurement and start the animation.

The ADS can work with any vibration analyzer which can measure amplitude and phase or has the FRF measurement possibility. But ideally you would like to use it with Adash VA5Pro or VA4Pro where you can run the animation directly on the device!

Sensor and Cables


Our range of AC 100 mV/g accelerometers is designed for use with all types of data collectors and online systems using two-wire constant current method of drive.

The range includes standard, high performance premium accelerometers, each manufactured to the highest ISO standards and backed by our outstanding technical customer support services. Options include sensitivities of standard 100 mV/g, or choose from: 10 mV/g, 30 mV/g, 50 mV/g, 250 mV/g or 500 mV/g.

The complete acceleration sensors do come with sensor, coiled cable and magnet since this is the most common combination for data collectors.

Quick Connect Box


The Connection Box is used as a terminal to collect the signals from multiple channels and to supply them for external readings. There is no need to check on every measurement point. Just connect your sensors to the Quick Connection Box and you can take all measurements at the box.

Easily switch from one Sensor to the next. This high quality product is made from stainless steel and is IP 66 certified. That makes it perfect for the use on board of a vessel. The Quick Connection Box is compatible with all of CMT’s vibration devices. There are multiple output options available on request.

Sensor Bases & Magnets


As a standard connection to achieve reliable results it is intended to use a Measuring Pad on the machine with the magnet mounted to the sensor.
CMT provides two different magnets for curved and flat surfaces.

The most optimal measuring results will be achieved with the newly designed CMT Quick Fit connection.
This requires one Quick Fit Base attached to the sensor and on each measuring point a Quick Fit Measuring Pad which is also protected with a yellow cap while it is not in use.

Permanently installed sensors should have a bolt-on connection using the measuring pad with a stud.

Measuring Pads

To achieve a comparable measuring trend it is recommended to stick to the same routine at every measurement.

To help with consistent measurements CMT is offering Measurement Pads. The Measuring Pads are glued on the machine to guarantee that the same measuring spot is being used at every measurement.

Most important for good results is a tight and firm connection between sensor and machine. The established best practice is to use CMT Measuring Pads. The Measuring Pads are equipped with a yellow protection cap for easy recognition and protection against any dirt or paint.

CMT uses specially packed rapid curing synthetic metal glue to permanently mount measuring pads on metal surfaces. Simple hand mixing ensures activation reaction between the concentrically packed components.

All loose material, rust and surface contaminants, including existing coatings, must be removed and the surface roughened by using an angle grinder etc.