Water ingress is a major challenge for any system that uses oil lubrication. Water can damage the equipment or compromise the safety, depending on the application. To prevent these problems, it is essential to monitor the water content in the oil regularly.

Unlike other parameters that can be measured by offline laboratory tests, water ingress is unpredictable and sudden. Water does not come from the oil aging or usage, but from external sources. Water levels can increase rapidly once water enters the system. Therefore, laboratory tests are not frequent enough to detect water ingress in time. A more reliable method is to use online sensors that can measure the water content continuously.

CMT Water TouchCell

The newly developed Electronic Water in Oil TouchCell does provide highest accuracy on site when testing Water in Oil giving results after a few minutes.

Water in Oil


• All parts (sensor, display, battery pack etc.) can be exchanged when needed

• Now 30% bigger backlit display for better visibility

• Solid rugged metal housing for higher durability

• Multiple ranges for exact readings

• Multilingual software

• No hazardous reagents needed

• Undercut in the bottom to assist dosing the chemicals for all tests



Electronic Water in Oil Test Kit

Range: 0 – 1500 ppm,

(lowest reading 100 ppm)

0 – 6000 ppm,

(lowest reading 200 ppm)

0 – 1 %,

0 – 5 %

Accuracy: +/- 0.01 % free water

Weight: 490 g

Test Time: 5 minutes

Reagents: non hazardous

Memory: last 10 readings for each individual oil


Water TouchCell


Set of O-Rings for TouchCell


Download Option TouchCell

License for data download