Ballast Water
Test Kit

Rapid Ballast Water Test Kit
Rapid Ballast Water Test Kit

Quick and Easy Testing

The CMT Rapid Ballast Water Validation Test Kit allows you to quickly and easily check the performance of ballast water treatment systems.

With the validation kit, you can measure the risk of releasing ballast water containing harmful organisms. Our validation kit is a valuable tool for ship operators, Port State Control (PSC), and other compliance officers who need to ensure the safety of ballast water.

Regulatory Compliance Made Easy with CMT Rapid Ballast Water Test Kit.
The 2004 BWM Convention guidelines recommend methods for sampling and analysis to verify compliance with the convention.
The CMT Rapid Ballast Water Test Kit offers a complete solution for testing the ballast water according to the D1 and D2 standards and the chemical disinfection systems.

inside the kit

The kit consists of three instruments that are simple and fast to use:

  • A salinity refractometer confirms the exchange of ballast water at sea.
  • A pocket-sized digital fluorometer that measures the chlorophyll content of living phytoplankton in less than 3 minutes. This indicates the effectiveness of the ballast water treatment system.
  • A waterproof colorimeter that tests the Total Residual Oxidant (TRO) level of chemical disinfection systems in less than 3 minutes.


The fluorometer does not require any training – insert the sample, press “Read,” and see the risk of discharge (Fail, High, Low).


  • Ship operators can check if the ballast water treatment system has treated the water adequately before discharge.
  • Compliance officers can quickly detect if a ship exceeds the D2 standards. If positive results are found, further laboratory analysis can be done.
  • Ballast water treatment system providers can evaluate the performance of their systems during testing.
  • Ship service providers can diagnose any failures of the treatment systems


The CMT Rapid Ballast Water Test Kit is your reliable partner for regulatory compliance. 


Rapid Ballast Water Test Kit
Salinity Refractometer (salt in seawater)
Scale Range: 0 – 100 ppt
Accuracy: +/- 1 ppt

Digital handheld Fluorometer
Dynamic Range: 3 orders of magn.
Resolution: 12 bits

Chlorine Colorimeter
Range: 0 – 5.00 mg/l
Resolution: 0.01 mg/l
Accuracy: +/- 0.03