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Certified Training

people on engine training

In an environment where machinery plays a crucial role in getting the job done, it is essential to educate employees in operation and maintenance. A well-educated workforce ensures the protection of your investment and flawless operation in vessels, machines, plants, and industrial sites. Adequate training in using tools or raising their knowledge level on specific topics ensures optimal equipment life, low maintenance costs, and maximum reliability. 


Lubrication & Lubricants
  • how to select, apply, and monitor lubricants for optimal performance
Health and Safety
  • how to prevent accidents, injuries and hazards in the workplace
Storage Principles
  • how to organize, manage and secure inventory and equipment
  • how to motivate, communicate and lead teams effectively


  • Enhance your skills and value as a professional.
  • Extend your equipment’s lifespan, dependability, and performance with our effective and efficient monitoring practices.
  • Learn and share useful information with other engineering/maintenance personnel.
  • Stay updated on the latest industry knowledge and experience as well as on the current legislation.