The Vibration Meter has a built-in stroboscope, a unique innovation in handheld vibration equipment that uses a high-intensity LED flashlight.

The stroboscope is useful for inspecting rotating or moving machines (belt, fan, coupler, etc.). 

A missing screw can be detected without stopping the machine, saving much money.

The device can automatically adjust its flashing frequency to match the rotation speed of the machine and make the movement appear frozen. The frequency can also be set manually.

The stroboscope employs three ultra-bright LEDs with an optical system as a light source. 

It has a color graphic display and three operational buttons. The operation is simple and intuitive. The device is powered by two standard or rechargeable AA batteries.

The stroboscope can also function as a tachometer by connecting an external speed probe.


The stroboscope can create a rotating or oscillating machine’s apparent stop or slow motion by flashing light at a certain frequency. It can also measure the rotational speed or perform synchronized measurements without requiring reflective markers on the shaft.