Vibration Monitors

The Vibration Monitors are online systems that monitor and diagnose the condition of critical rotating machines. They are designed to improve the reliability of machines that are essential for the operation. The Vibration Monitors can work as standalone systems or as extensions of existing protection systems.

There are 3 versions of the Vibration Monitor available:
  • A3800 Vibration Monitor Compact
  • A3716 Vibration Monitor Standard
  • A3716 Vibration Monitor Plus

Vibration Monitor Compact

Vibration Monitor Compact

The A3800 Vibration Monitor Compact is an online system that monitors and diagnoses 4 to 16 channels of vibration signals.

The system is compact, allowing it to be mounted on a DIN rail in a switchboard. It has an optional number of AC and DC input channels – 4, 8, 12, or 16. AC and DC channels are separate, meaning the 4-channel configuration can connect 4 AC and 4 DC channels.

The system uses 1 – 4 independent TACHO inputs depending on the number of active input channels. The number of active channels can be increased by purchasing additional licenses.

Each group of 4 channels can perform fully simultaneous measurements. Groups of 4 input channels are switched by an internal multiplexer.

The Vibration Monitor Compact has an optional WiFi module.

Vibration Monitor Compact WiFi Module
Vibration Monitor Compact WiFi Module

Key Features:

  • Optional number of input channels
  • 4 – 16 channels AC
  • 4 – 16 channels DC
  • 1 – 4 TACHO inputs
  • Adaptive algorithm of data acquisition
  • Compact size, DIN rail mounting

Vibration Monitor Standard and Plus

Vibration Monitor Standard (2U)

Vibration Monitor Standard: This version has 16 AC, 16 DC, and 4 TACHO inputs, measured simultaneously. It occupies 2 slots (90 mm height) in a 19” aluminum rack.


Vibration Monitor Standard (2U)

Vibration Monitor Plus: This version has the same features as the Standard version, plus 16 relay outputs, 16 (4-20 mA) current loops, and 16 BNC outputs.

It occupies 3 slots (135 mm height) in a 19” aluminum rack.

Key Features:

  • 16 x 4-20 mA (Plus)
  • 16 channels AC
  • 16 channels DC
  • 4 TACHO inputs
  • 16 BNC buffered outputs of signals
    from sensors (plus version only)
  • 16 programmable relays outputs
    (plus version only)
  • Adaptive algorithm of data


Vibration Monitor Plus (3U)
16-channel synchronous measurement

Vibration Monitor Standard (2U)
16-channel synchronous measurement

Vibration Monitor Compact
4-channel synchronous measurement extendable to 4×4 channel multiplex

Vibration Monitor Compact License
(license for additional 4 channels)

Vibration Monitor Compact WiFi Module
WiFi Standard 802.11b/g/n

Laser Tacho Probe

Inductive Tacho Sensor

Data Manager
Setup of Online Systems