Cylinder Drain Oil
Laboratory Oil Service

Cylinder Drain Oil Laboratory Oil Service
Cylinder Drain Oil Laboratory Oil Service

Laboratory scrape down oil analysis from CMT provides comprehensive testing of the oil samples with a full set of data and a diagnostic statement from a tribology engineer.

  • 100 ml sample-bottle (prepaid)
    Addressed envelope to return the sample bottle to our lab
  • Sample Information Form with barcode label
  • Laboratory tests: All samples are analysed and
    diagnosed by the end of the next business day.
    (As long as the samples arrive at our laboratory
    before noon, in our prepaid sample bottle with a
    correctly filled out sample information form).
  • Laboratory report complete with a highly detailed
    diagnostic statement (prepared by a mechanical
  • Dispatch of the laboratory report via mail, email, fax or data-file
  • Online recall of all laboratory reports and analysis data

You will receive a comprehensive lab report with a clear diagnosis from a tribology engineer. Each sample will have a one-page report with a simple rating system that quickly identifies any issues with your oil or equipment.

You don’t have to read several pages of complex data.

The report will also show the last four samples’ history and trends, which you can access online from our web server. If you have any questions or need advice, call our service engineers to discuss your results and equipment. We will send you the lab report by mail, email or fax as per your preference.

You can get the current lab reports faster and compare them with previous samples. Instead of waiting for an email, fax or mail, you can log on to our secure web server.
We will email you when your sample is evaluated and you can view, print or forward the original lab report. You can also see the analysis results in a graphical format created by a graphic art tool.
Cylinder Drain Oil

Your Benefits

  • Easily check online data entry for new samples
  • Quickly view of all your samples
  • Check sample status
  • Display all lab reports
  • Translate lab reports into different languages
  • Forward lab reports via e-mail
  • Graphically view trend analysis values for individual samples
  • Display of the IR spectrum and other diagrams
  • View photos of the sample and the inside of the cap / lid
  • View photos of the spot test, solid contaminants and much more


Laboratory SDA Drain Oil Analysis