IR Analyser

The CMT IR Analyser is a new device that uses attenuated total reflection to perform IR spectroscopy in the mid-infrared range. It has no moving parts, which makes it suitable for harsh environments. It is also smaller and more energy-efficient than conventional IR spectrometers.

IR spectroscopy is a technique that measures the concentration of organic molecules by detecting how they absorb infrared light. Each molecule has a unique absorption pattern, and the intensity of the absorption indicates the amount of the molecule in the sample. Oil samples can reveal information about the equipment and oil condition by analyzing the molecular changes that occur during the oil’s life cycle.

IR spectroscopy can decode this information from a drop of oil.

IR Analyser
IR Analyser
Portable IR Analyzer

Oil aging is a process that involves three interrelated mechanisms:

• Base oil degradation
• Additive depletion
• Contamination

Base oil degradation is driven by oxidation processes caused by oxygen and heat. Typical oil condition parameters are: Oxidation, AN, BN, nitration, sulphation.

Commonly used additives are e.g. antifoaming additives, anti-wear additives and antioxidants. During oil aging the concentration of additives decreases and degradation products emerge. This oil aging mechanism is being indicated by the concentration of molecules with central ions of zinc, molybdenum, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, barium or sodium.

Oil contamination is often caused by foreign substances such as water, glycol, diesel, petrol, or other oils.

The sensor uses a device that can measure different wavelengths of light without moving parts, making it reliable and easy to use. The sensor can analyze the oil condition by comparing the light data with a calibration model specific to each oil type. The sensor can be used in different settings, such as in the field for quick and convenient testing, in the lab for more detailed analysis, or inline for continuous monitoring.

Portable IR Analyzer
Portable IR Analyzer


Electronic IR Analyzer
Infrared Analyzer based on ATR

Including software displaying:
• Water Content
• Soot Content
• Antioxidant Depletion
• Glycol Contamination
• Sulphate
• Oxidation
• Nitration
• Phosphate.