Vibration Analyzer VA3Pro

Vibration Analyzer VA3Pro
The CMT Vibration Analyzer VA3Pro is a 2-channel device that can measure vibration professionally and reliably.

It has two signal inputs and one tacho/trigger input for measuring the rotational speed in revolutions per minute (rpm).

The second signal input can be connected to a triaxial sensor that allows simultaneous measurement of three orthogonal vibration components.

A vital tool for maintenance engineers to find and collect data about faults
With it, an expert system is incorporated to automatically identify common machine faults such as unbalance, looseness, misalignment, or bearing defects.

The Vibration Meter VA3Pro has an infrared (IR) temperature sensor that can measure the bearing temperature without touching it. It also has an LED light that can function as a stroboscope or a torch.

Designed for easy one-handed operation.

It weighs only 780 g and has a battery life of more than 10 hours, making it ideal for long-distance measurements. It has the option to be customized by selecting optional modules.

Vibration Analyzer VA3Pro

Standard Test Modes

  • Standard Vibration Meter
  • Speed / Stroboscope
  • Expert System “FASIT” – Fault Source Identification Tool
Analyzer VA3Pro

Optional Test Modes

  • Analyzer
  • Balancer
  • Route Measurement
  • Data Recorder
  • Run-Up
  • Ultrasound

Key features

  • Expert System “FASIT” – Fault Source Identification Tools
  • FFT spectrum with 25,600 lines
  • 3 AC/DC + tacho channel
    Stroboscope / Torch
  • IR Temperature Sensor
  • USB connection for data transfer
  • Color display 240 x 320
  • Route Memory 8 GB
By measuring two channels simultaneously, you can diagnose faults more flexibly.
Vibration Analyzer VA3Pro
Vibration Analyzer VA3Pro
Vibration Analyzer VA3Pro

You can assess the alignment by measuring the radial and axial vibration across the coupling of the motor and pump.

With 8 GB of memory, you can continuously record two-channel raw signals up to 25.6 kHz. You don’t have to worry about missing important data, even under pressure.


Vibration Analyzer VA3Pro
(Including one acceleration sensor and a case)

Optional Test Modes
VIB-CT-50025 – Analyzer Mode
VIB-CT-50026 – Route Mode
VIB-CT-50027 – Balancer Mode
VIB-CT-50028 – Recorder Mode
VIB-CT-50034 – Run-Up Mode
VIB-CT-50037 – Ultrasound


Laser Tacho Probe

Silicone Protection Cover for VA3Pro