On-Site Drain Oil
Analysis Kit

Patent No. 2910933

On-Site Drain Oil Analysis Kit
On-Site Drain Oil Analysis Kit
By analyzing the scrape-down oil from the scavenge space, shipboard personnel can check the condition of the engine’s cylinders, prevent damage from corrosion or abrasion by taking corrective actions, and detect changes as they happen.

To monitor the wear conditions in an engine, with minimal time lag between sampling and diagnosis of a high-wear situation, on-board test kits are available that can detect abnormal wear and enable the operator to take immediate corrective action to increase the lubricant feed.

The Electronic Drain Oil Analysis Kit includes a BN- and iron test kit that can measure the magnetic and corrosive iron separately and easily. It provides quick results of the drain oil’s most essential properties relative to the engine’s cylinder operating condition.

 Considering this, it becomes evident that a frequent on-site analysis of the most critical parameters is necessary, along with a regular laboratory oil test, if the aim is to reduce the feed rate and limit the risk of a liner wear problem. Besides measuring the remaining alkalinity reserve and other oil condition indicators, such as water and viscosity, in the scrape-down oil, measuring the wear rate if the feed rate is being optimized is crucial. Since there is no fixed optimum, it is necessary to have the possibility to measure the iron content frequently.

Always Remember

  • Onboard oil tests should be used as an essential supplement to the Laboratory Oil Test, which can provide a comprehensive oil analysis.

  • Combining the Laboratory Oil Test and the frequent onboard test is essential for effective cylinder drain oil monitoring.


Cylinder Drain Oil Analysis Kit
1) Iron II SM Test
Range: 50 – 1500 ppm
Corrosive iron: 0 – 100 % of total
Abrasive iron: 0 – 100 % of total
Accuracy: +/- 20 ppm
Repeatability: 10 ppm
Test Time (ave.): 3 min. per Test
No. of initial Tests: 50
Memory: last 20 reading / cyl. 14 cylinders
Reagents: nonhazardous

2) CDO Alkalinity Reserve (BN) Test
Range: 1-180 BN
Accuracy: +/- 5% of new oil BN
Number of Tests: 50
Test Time: 5 minutes
Memory: last reading
Reagents: non-hazardous

Laboratory SDA Drain Oil Analysis

Iron Test II Reagent Pack
No. of Tests: 50 drain oil samples
Reagents: non-hazardous

Glass Vial Consumables Pack (100)

Base Number Reagent Pack
No. of Tests: 50
Reagents: non-hazardous

Test Kit Cleaner (250 ml)
Size: 250 ml
Reagent: non-hazardous

Vial Cleaner
Size: 250 ml
Reagent: non hazardous

Electric Shaker

Spare CDO BN TouchCell

Download Option Console
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Download Option TouchCell
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