Data Diagnostic Software

Data Diagnostic Software

The DDS software is a tool for storing and analyzing data about vibration and machines. You can use it with portable or online devices. It is easy to use and has a common database for all devices. It can share data with other systems and work on a network. It can make reports and messages quickly.

The DDS software can help you look at your vibration data differently. You can use different tools, graphs, and values. You can also use a vast database of bearings or make your own.

You can learn vital information from Adash’s expert system, FASIT.

The full version provides all the functions required for data transfer, evaluation, analysis, and storage.

The program is user-friendly and operates on standard Microsoft OS logic. The DDS software has a unique feature of a common database for portable and online units. It also allows the user to connect various measuring instruments to a single database system, saving time and money. The DDS software fully supports route measurements.

The DDS software uses SQL and ODBC standards to process data. It can also work with an SQLite database for customers who prefer not to use MS SQL Database. It is an open system that can exchange information with other information systems. The DDS software meets all the network operation requirements and allows multiple users to work with one database simultaneously. The DDS software can generate output reports, communicate data, and quickly process output messages or reports.

DDS Data Diagnostic Software

  • Free update for new versions

  • Routes and Tree concept

  • Including Bearing database

  • Aligned cursors in graph view

  • No service database. All data are stored in one database

  • Can be used with all devices.

  • Free version available for Vibration

    Meter and Vibration Analyser VA3

    (limited functions)

DDS Versions


• Create all possible data cells
• Unlimited database size and
numbers of databases
• Dongle key required.

DDS View

• Open and view all databases or data from all devices
• Unlimited database size and number
• No editing of tree items or data
• Dongle key required.

DDS Free

• Create only selected   types (all Vibration Meter measurement types)
• 200 MB limited database size
• Only one database


DDS Data Diagnostic Software
(Full access / no limits)

DDS Data Diagnostic View Software
(No changes of the tree)