PREMET® Viewer


The PREMET® Viewer is a software tool that enables efficient analysis of the combustion process.

It can import measurement data from a PREMET® X or M device and generate TDC graphs, Combustion and Decomposition Curves and p-V Diagrams for engine condition monitoring.

Provided with the latest generation of PREMET devices and simplifies the engine condition assessment. Displays the measurements, including manually entered data, in various formats of diagrams, bar plots, and tables that are easy to use.

The software can also process data from previous generations of PREMETs, DieselSCOPE and Diesel Indicator, DPA devices by DREW Chemicals, and all BAEWERT and HLV devices by Kistler or MAN.

This facilitates the migration from an older diesel performance analyzer and enables immediate trend analysis with historical data.

The engine’s operating costs can be reduced by properly adjusting the engine.

The engine performance can be optimized, and the specific fuel oil consumption can be minimized by correctly balancing the cylinder load and setting the fuel injection.

The software also has a trend analysis feature that can assist in identifying worn parts or incorrect adjustments, plan repairs, and prevent unexpected failure.

PREMET® Viewer

Key Features

  • The Pressure-Volume (p-V) diagram can indicate leakage or the incorrect setting of the TDC.
  • The TDC Correction is used maximise the power generated by the engine with lower lost.
  • The Combustion Pressure Decomposition Curve is especially for modern engines with a very late ignition point.
  • All the insights gained can be incorporated into prepared reports for better compilation and distribution so that action can be taken quickly.


  • Compare previous or sea trial data easily

  • Upload records to optional PREMET Cloud Solution

  • Read records from other devices, such as:

    • PREMET devices (1st and 2nd generation)

    • Diesel SCOPE and Diesel Indicator (CMT)

    • DPA devices (DREW Chemicals)

    • BAEWERT and HLV devices (Kistler or MAN)

  • Show first and second derivatives to determine correct TDC setting

  • Show Combustion Decomposition Curve

  • Show logarithmic p-V diagram to detect TDC problems and leakages during combustion.

  • Process high-resolution data with filtering option and adjustable low pass filter

  • Upgrade to Fleet Management Software with fleet comparison and trending features.

  • Create simple, adjustable, and flexible reports with all parameters

  • Get it for free with every PREMET X or M purchase


PREMET® Viewer
Included with every purchase of a PREMET

Data Transfer Kit PREMET® SW

Data Transfer Kit HLV-Device