Tablet Count
Boiler and Cooling Water

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Tablet Tests

In addition to Drop Tests, CMT also offers tablet tests for boiling and cooling water. Tablet count methods have been used historically in the marine industry, where the sample water changes color based on the number of tablets added. The value can then be determined using a conversion table based on the number of tablets it takes for the color to change.

However, tablet count methods are considered hazardous for shipping and less accurate than the recently developed drop test methods. For non-hazardous options, please refer to the SHIPSAFE® range of boiler and cooling water test kits.


310 Boiler Water Kit
Alkalinity (P) Tablets 250 pc.
Chloride Tablets 250 pc.
pH Test Strips 7-14 100 pc.

309 Cooling Water Kit
Chloride Tablets 250 pc.
Nitrite No 1 Tablets 100 pc.
Nitrite No 2 Tablets 250 pc.
pH Test Strips 4-10 100 pc.

313 DEHA Kit
DEHA Test Solution 1 65 ml
DEHA Test Solution 2 30 ml
Comparator Unit

312 Hydrazine Kit
Hydrazine Test Powder 40 g
Comparator Unit