Compatibility Tester
Compatibility Tester

With the growing use of low-sulfur fuels and increased frequency of bunkering, testing the stability of the fuel oil and its compatibility for blending is becoming increasingly important.
While every fuel oil is manufactured to be stable – in that it does not have the tendency to produce asphaltic sludge – two stable fuel oils are not necessarily compatible when blended or mixed together.

With the Sulfur Cap of 2020 more paraffinic blend components are used in VLSFO. Therefore the stabilizing effect on asphaltenes from aromatics are lost. Mixtures can become instable much faster.
The Compatibility Tester will quickly identify potential fuel stability problems.
It will also rapidly determine if a fuel is compatible with existing fuel stocks.

• Identify possible stability problems before mixing fuels, giving you peace of mind when accepting fuel deliveries.
• Prevent sludge deposits, failure of fuel handling systems, and costly combustion-related engine damage

Your benefits:

 Easy test procedure.
 Avoid sludge build up.
 Check fuels to comply with the Sulfur Cap 2020.


Electronic Compatibility Tester
Range: As per ASTM D4740
Accuracy: Variation of 1 rating in 20 repeat tests
Test Time: 20 minutes (attended), 1 hour (unattended)

Spare Chromatography Paper (100)

Consumables Glass Pack (10)

Test Kit Cleaner