Oil Condition Monitoring

Fuels and pumps are the life force of engines and machines.

As the quality of fuel and lubricants directly affects engine and machine performance as well as efficiency and maintenance costs, the condition of fuel and lubricants must be closely and consistently monitored to protect your investment.

Get our monitoring system today and enjoy the benefits of high performance, efficiency, and reliability.

Multi Parameter kits
Engine Oil Test Kit

Engine Oil Test Kit

Electronic Cylinder Drain Oil Test Kit

Electronic Cylinder Drain Oil Test Kit

Oil Test Kit

Oil Test Kit

Electronic Oil Analysis Centre

Electronic Oil
Analysis Centre

Portable test kits in different setups to ensure the user always has the correct tool for the job at hand. 

Protected by aluminum cases, coming with all necessary accessories and test reagents, our equipment can be used from the moment it arrives. 

  •  Kits specifically tailored for a multitude of different applications
  •  No guesswork anymore – use the kits to measure and base your decisions on the results
  •  Receive crucial information about the condition of your machinery
  •  No training needed 
Oil Analysis Cabinet

Multi Parameter

Combination Cabinet

You have the choice to order a single device or you choose one of CMT’s Multi Parameter Combinations.
Those combinations give you the advantage of having all the tests needed for certain situations in one place.

Fuel and Lube Test Cabinet Configurations

Onsite Oil Test & Solutions

Provides repeatable and accurate determination of ferromagnetic material concentration down to single ppm levels.

A Combined TouchCell which offers both Water in Oil and BN testing in one device.

Rapid screening of oil samples for ferrous wear debris using a PQ Index instrument.

The newly developed CMT IR Analyzer is based on attenuated total reflection, which is a whole new chapter in IR spectroscopy in the middle infrared spectral range.