Designed to optimize fuel injections, increase efficiency, and prevent damage as part of a condition monitoring regime.

PREMET® devices are electronic indicators that measure the power produced inside the cylinder of diesel and gas engines in marine and stationary applications.

PREMET® Cloud is an advanced solution.
The PREMET® Cloud is a revolutionary service that allows you to upload, view, and analyze your engine data online.

Anytime, anywhere.

This service enables online analysis of cylinder pressure data from individual ships or entire fleets. The data is securely stored in the cloud and accessed from anywhere via the internet.

The PREMET® Cloud is free of charge and only requires registration. This service can help manage the engine performance and reduce operating costs, meeting the current maintenance standards.

Premet Cloud engineer

You only need to buy 1 annual cloud plan for the ship, while all user accounts are free.

The PREMET® Cloud has the latest DPA with the most comprehensive parameters.

Key Features

  • Free to use for all co-workers
  • Easy account managing
  • Only the ship needs an annual upload license
  • Optional analysis service by marine engineers
  • Worldwide access with all current browsers
  • Most extensive Diesel Performance Analysis on the go
  • Only software to show:
• Maximum combustion pressure
• Combustion pressure decomposition curve
• Calculated point of ignition
• Injection timing parameter


  • Compare previous or sea trial data easily

  • Upload records to optional PREMET Cloud Solution

  • Read records from other devices, such as:

    • PREMET devices (1st and 2nd generation)

    • Diesel SCOPE and Diesel Indicator (CMT)

    • DPA devices (DREW Chemicals)

    • BAEWERT and HLV devices (Kistler or MAN)

  • Show first and second derivatives to determine correct TDC setting

  • Show Combustion Decomposition Curve

  • Show logarithmic p-V diagram to detect TDC problems and leakages during combustion.

  • Process high-resolution data with filtering option and adjustable low pass filter

  • Upgrade to Fleet Management Software with fleet comparison and trending features.

  • Create simple, adjustable, and flexible reports with all parameters

  • Get it for free with every PREMET X or M purchase


PREMET® Cloud Fleet Management Subscription

Evaluation Service per record
(PREMET® Cloud Subscription required)


Evaluation Service per vessel and year
(PREMET® Cloud Subscription required)