Animated Deflection Shapes Software

Animated Deflection Shapes Software

The ADS software is a tool that visualizes the vibrations of machines by animation. It uses the method of operating deflection shapes, which slows down and magnifies the vibration movement to make it visible.

It combines vibration measurement and software processing. The method’s output is an animation of the vibration movement at one or more forcing frequencies.

The output of the method is easy to understand for everyone.

Your Benefits

  • Increase your repeatability and accuracy (+/- 20 ppm) with our ADS software
  • Distinguish between corrosive and abrasive iron with our innovative method
  • Get reliable results without depending on soot levels
  • Perform the fastest onsite wet chemistry test with our easy-to-use tool
  • Enjoy the touch screen functionality and the large memory for data storage
  • See the trends easily with the high resolution graphic display
  • Transfer your data to a PC with a simple USB connection
  • Avoid hazardous chemicals and work safely with our ADS software
The user can create a machine structure that matches the real machine in the ADS software.

The ADS software can help to detect machine defects that are hard to find from FFT or time wave patterns. It uses the operating deflection shapes measurement method, which shows the machine’s movement clearly.

The ADS software can work with any vibration analyzer that can measure amplitude and phase or has the FRF measurement possibility.


ADS Animated Deflection Shapes Software