CDO Total Iron II Test Console
CDO Total Iron II Test Console
CDO BN TouchCell
CDO BN TouchCell

Patent No. 2910933

The Cylinder Drain Oil Analysis Set consists of two different tests:
• Analysis of the total iron content
(Corrosive and abrasive)
• Analysis of the remaining alkalinity reserve compared to the fresh oil alkalinity.
Parameters like Water, Viscosity and others can be measured with our portable On-Site Oil Test & Analysis solutions.

Feed Rate

Feed rate optimization is the process of finding the minimum amount of cylinder oil that can lubricate and neutralize the engine liner effectively.

Current lubrication systems are not able to monitor the liner condition and adjust the feed rate accordingly. This can lead to over or under lubrication, which can cause problems such as scuffing and bore polishing.

An average container ship can spend a lot of money on cylinder lubrication in its lifetime, so constant monitoring is essential to optimize the feed rate and save costs.

Optimizing cylinder lubricant usage can also improve the engine efficiency and performance.

Engine room
Engine room

Rapid Return
of Investment

Rapid Return of Investment Graphic
Rapid Return of Investment Graphic

The chart illustrates that the cylinder oil and the liner expenses dominate the main engine operation costs. By using our cost-saving solutions, you can achieve a quick return on investment in some cases within a year. Our solutions have been proven effective by existing installations.


If the BN value in the drain oil is too low or the iron content is too high, the cylinder lube oil feed rate must be increased.
If the BN value is high and the iron content is low, the cylinder lube oil feed rate may be decreased.